About Us


Mike-HainesShark Experience has been operating a vessel in the southern region of New Zealand for 26 years taking shark diving and sightseeing tours into Foveaux Strait, between Stewart Island and Bluff.

We are purely a business that offers the opportunity for clients to interact with the natural world and we do not commercially fish to help fund our business.

Mike Haines, of Shark Experience

I’m Mike and I have been diving this region for over 30 years, having been born and bred down here. I have an intimate knowledge of this region and can take you to some of the best sights that the local islands have to offer with a mission to show visitors the amazing world of the islands above and below the water in a Scuba-Schools-International-way that is not only safe, but also informative and fun.

Mike's qualifications and skills:

  • Skipper 19 years
  • Dive Instructor  30 years
  • Commercial diver 26 years
  • Equipment service technician and Shark wrangler